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10 reasons why your brand should use ski media 

Traditional branding on lifts, spectacular billboard locations, pop-up‘s and digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising opportunities are all supplied by Alpdest in more than 40 of the most renowned ski resorts in the Alps. What other media offers the opportunity to reach more than 28 million, affluent Europeans in such beautiful uncluttered surroundings?

20% of Europe‘s highest earners are concentrated in ski resorts and open to influence, 77% of this audience find ski media eye catching and 85% believe that the advertising reflects positively on the brand. The recall of advertising in and around ski resorts is a staggering 88%.


Here you can see 10 reasons as to why ski media could benefit your brand.

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1. The audience

20 % of Europe’s highest earners spend their holidays in ski resorts. In these surroundings our audience is highly receptive for new brand messages. Of this audience, 58% belong to the higher or highest income class and 36% are influential entrepreneurs. 

2. It's all about the unique setting

Beautiful mountainous surroundings. No background noises. People in an uncluttered landscape, far away from everyday life allows advertisers to address their target audience in a relaxed and positive mood. According to research, the right mood can boost the impact of advertising up to 40%. 


3. Reach

All of our products are strategically positioned ensuring the message reaches an enormous number of people, namely more than 28 million affluent Europeans every season. 

Ski media delivers optimal reach of a dedicated and well selectable target group.

4. Influencer paradise

Ski Resorts are hot spots for influencers of all kinds. In total 73% of the ski resort audience are influencers who cascade your brand messages down the mountains to the urban centres.


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5. Exposure

In average the target group spends 6 days of 5+ hours skiing, which means full 30 hours and more on the mountain are spent per trip. This ensures brands are given the perfect opportunity to communicate their message to the selected target audience.

6. Increasing brand awareness

Nobody talks about the average. Ski media is everything but not ordinary and makes sure that brands get all the attention. More than any other forms of advertising, ski media stands out with high visibility in a natural landscape and generates high brand awareness to convert audience into potential customers. 


7. Brand recognition

In today’s crowed media landscape, out-of-home is the ideal platform to escape those distractions and lead brands into uncluttered surroundings. 


  • Our studies discovered that 70% of people believe that advertising in ski resorts is less intrusive than in urban areas.

  • They also showed that 85% believes that advertising in such natural surroundings reflects positive on brands.

  • 79% finds ski media ads eye catching. 

  • Relevance, shared passion and limited adverting space drives brand trust. 

  • Brand recall is very high, 87,6%. 

8. Flexible advertising solutions

While traditional billboards play a major role in OOH advertising, ski media has a lot more to offer. This includes a range of ad formats such as, branded gondolas, lift posters, product displays, brand partnerships, backlit indoor billboards, digital screens, ski school partnerships and branded ski racks. These formats give companies a unique chance of reaching an audience at multiple touchpoints during a day. 

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9. Premium European 

Our specialised network of resorts gives our brands access to 65 million affluent Europeans in a captive, comfortable environment offering a clean advertising landscape to promote their products. 


Our core network focuses on resorts in France, Switzerland, Italy and Austria with more than 80‘000sqm of advertising space available in more than 45 resorts. 

10. Sustainable advertising

As the world of OOH is constantly developing with new innovations, such as new technologies and solutions, sustainability plays a key factor in this industry. The preservation of our Alps and mother Earth is a special concern for us. 


Alpdest is fully committed to high environmental standards in our production methods, materials free of PVC, recycling and using shorter transport routes.


Get in touch with the team

Please get in touch the team at Alpdest if you would like more information on how your brand can benefit from advertising in the mountains.

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