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Titlis Engelberg

​Titlis Engelberg in Switzerland has just about everything you could wish for in terms of skiing and snowboarding. Fantastic slopes, plenty of action, various slopes for children and beginners plus guaranteed snow (the season starts in October)!

Engelberg is located just one hour from Zurich & is easily accessible by public transport ensuring it is a popular, International resort. The state of the art mountain lift system, technically refined piste and snowmaking systems, free buses and much more ensure that this destination has it all.

With an average of more than 220 skiing days per season, Engelberg offers the longest continuous winter skiing season in Switzerland. Due to the geographically favorable location and the unique microclimate abundant snowfall is guaranteed year after year. The season runs until May!


Advertising possibilities

Advertising positions offered by Alpdest are indoor and outdoor billboards, digital, branded gondolas, lift posters and product displays.


Who visits Engelberg?

Engelberg offers more than 575'000 skier days per season. 58% of all visitors are male and the audience demographic is ABC1.

Swiss visitors make up 67% of the overall audience, followed by 7% from Germany and 3% from the UK.


Why should our brand advertise here?

Engelberg Titlis is the largest holiday destination in Central Switzerland. The Titlis mountain railways access the glacier of the same name at 3'020 meters above sea level. Open for on average 220 days per season there is a huge opportunity to put your brand in front of this affluent audience.

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The huge mega billboard at the valley station offers more than 939'000 impacts per season.

84sqm of advertising space creates a massive impact at the most frequented location in the valley.

Branded gondolas

​Gondola branding on the modern, state of the art lift system offers cost effective, standout media in an uncluttered landscape.

The gondolas travel from the valley station (1'050 metres) up to Stand (2'428 metres). The lift line is one of the highest frequented

in the resort and the gondolas cross many pistes along the way

to and from Stand offering huge impact value for your brand.


Product displays

Product displays offer brands the opportunity to put their products directly in front of the huge, influential audience that our advertising landscape offers.


Car displays, pop-up's, test drive centres and more can all be catered for. We have the experience and knowledge to offer solutions to all brands whether it be at the top of the mountain

or in the valley stations. 

Indoor billboards

Promoting brands with giant poster sites on well frequented locations focusing on high contact quality and frequencies with more than 3 million OTS per winter season offer exceptional results.

Indoor billboards offer an ideal platform for your brand to reach our unique, captive audience. 

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Lift posters

These products offer an ideal platform for your brand to reach our unique, captive audience and our new magnetic solution offers more flexibility for your design requirements, A0 size posters deliver your message in a more effective, impactful manner.

Lift poster advertising is offered throughout the ski resort. Please contact us for more details.

Advertising formats

​Billboards (indoor and outdoor)

Lift posters

Branded gondolas

Product displays


Skier days

575'000. Resort open on average 220 days per season.


​58% ABC1.

67% Swiss, 7% Germany & 4% UK.


Ski media in Engelberg

Please get in touch the team at Alpdest if you would like more information on how your brand can benefit from advertising in the ski resort of Titlis Engelberg.

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