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Glacier 3000

Within just 15 minutes, you will get whisked from the valley to an altitude of 3'000 metres – no switching required. At the top, you will be greeted by the summit station designed by Swiss architect Mario Botta. The various look-out points at Glacier 3000 offer panoramic views of two dozen snow-capped peaks above 4000 metres including the Eiger, Mönch, Jungfrau, Matterhorn, Grand Combin, and even Mont Blanc.


​Glacier 3000 offers guests easy slopes on the glacier, a snowpark, activities for non-skiers such as the Peak Walk suspension bridge and is open each season from November until May. The proximity to Gstaad ensures that Glacier 3000 receives many guests from the famous Swiss resort. With a varied international and domestic audience Glacier 3000 offers brands a fantastic opportunity to target this audience in an uncluttered media landscape.


Advertising possibilities

Advertising positions supplied by Alpdest include outdoor billboards, backlit indoor billboards, digital, branded gondolas and lift posters.


Who visits Glacier 3000?

Glacier 3000 offers more than 150'000 skier days per season. 58% of all visitors are male and the audience demographic is ABC1.

Swiss visitors make up 65% of the overall audience, followed by 6% from France, 5% from UK and 5% from Germany.


Why should our brand advertise here?

Glacier 3000 ski resort has the epic proportions expected in the Swiss Alps, plus the added distinction of spanning 3 different cantons and the close proximity to the destination of Gstaad.



The mega billboard at the Oldenegg - Cabane lower station offers more than 217'000 impacts per season.

55sqm of advertising space creates a massive impression at one of the most frequented locations in the resort.

Branded gondolas

Using the modern lift infrastructures to promote brands via branded gondola advertising is an eye-catching and iconic media option offers the highest possible frequencies and opportunities to see in Glacier 3000.


Lift posters

These products offer an ideal platform for your brand to reach our unique, captive audience and our new magnetic solution offers more flexibility for your design requirement and deliver your message in a more effective, impactful manner.

Lift poster advertising is offered throughout the ski resort. Please contact us for more details.

Indoor billboards

Promoting brands at poster sites on well frequented locations focusing on high contact quality and frequencies with more than 3 million contacts per winter season offer exceptional results.


Digital OOH

Promoting brands via digital on well frequented locations offer exceptional results. The costs effective, flexible medium focuses on reaching customers using the Digital Light Towers and traditional screens​.

Advertising formats

​Billboards (indoor and outdoor)

Lift posters

Branded gondolas

Product displays


Skier days

150'000. Resort open on average 190 days per season.


​58% ABC1.

65% Swiss, 6% France, 5% UK & 4% Germany.


Ski media in Glacier 3000

Please get in touch the team at Alpdest if you would like more information on how your brand can benefit from advertising in the ski resort of Glacier 3000.

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