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At some point in life you have to decide. Which car type are you going to be?

Are you going to be the dad who picks up little Marvin in a rosty old car with no space left for his best friend, because the trunk is so small the groceries bareley fit in & the backseat are occupied with little Marvins sisters who are already arguing about the limited space. NO! You defintiley don't want to be that type of dad who has not a big enough car for the whole family.

So, in order to find your perfect car match you start typing in Google.

And in this case the automotive industry offers an endless selection of possibilities which makes it even harder to choose. Not without a reason this industry always has been one of the most creative when it comes to advertising. Products with a long buying process and an environment competitive like this are making the attention-grabbing part extremely important. In order to being seen you have to get inventive, because people have to remember YOU! Let us show you how Nissan implemented their ski media campaign.

In 2022 Nissan launchend the X-Trail (a fanatastic car by the way). A car who was made for families with E-Power which offers the right size for every adventure. The idea behind the campaign was to reach out to families in their winter holidays in Serre Chevalier, Cervinia and Zillertal, in Austria. The campaign consists of traditional out-of-home advertising as well as digital and ski school sponsoring. The most efficient use of ski media channels to dominate whole resorts.


As you perfectly know when launching a new product, you want to reach out to as many people as possible and as often as possible to slowly position your brand into the heads of customers. And how are we going to convince Marvin's dad in his ski holiday to consider a Nissan X-trail? The magic lies in the structure of a ski resort.

Most families are spending 5-6 days of their winter holidays in ski resorts, means maximum of 5-6 hours daily spend on skiing on the slopes. That's an average of 30 hours in which the target audience is confronted with our advertising.

In this campaign we played with a mix of different ski media channels to create as much touchpoints as possible. So when visiting the resorts you will get the full Nissan brand experience. Every single ski guest will be in touch with the ads because they are located on the most frequented spots, which have to be passed by, in order to use the lift infrastructure.

Click on the rigth to see more.

The Nissan X-Trail a masterpiece of a ski media campaign. Ski media could also be something for your brand? Our team helps you to create campaigns like this. Just leave us a message.

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