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Our Audience

Alpdest is a consultant to brands, marketing and advertising agencies that specialise in advertising in ski resorts.

We offer brands the opportunity to reach a captive, willing audience in the most renowned ski resorts throughout Europe. Giving our clients the chance to actively reach more than 28 million, affluent Europeans per season. 

65 million Europeans

Advertising campaigns in ski resorts can reach up to 49 million Europeans 

per winter season.

210 million skier days

Advertising within our network offers 15 million impacts per resort, per season.

High net worth audience

58% of our audience is compromised of the top 20% of Europe's highest earners.

Effective advertising

88% recall advertising in ski resorts and 85% feel that is shows brands in a positive light.

Effective Advertising 

As 20% of Europe‘s highest earners are concentrated in ski resorts and open to influence, the medium delivers it‘s message to more than 28 million viewers each season.


77% of this audience find ski media eye catching and 85% believe that the advertising reflects positively on the brand and the recall of advertising in and around ski resorts is a staggering 88%.


20% of Europe's highest earners are concentrated in ski resorts throughout winter and are open to influence.

More than 28 million affluent Europeans can be reached using ski media. Of this audience we find that 7 million are from the DACH region (Germany, Switzerland & Austria), 3 million from the UK, 4.5 million from France and 3 million are Italian.

Through our research we can confidently state that extended on-mountain dwell time drives higher brand awareness. On average our audience spends 30 hours on the mountain per ski holiday and the recall of advertising in ski resorts reaches 87.6%.

70% of our audience believe that ski media is less intrusive than advertising in urban areas.


73% of the ski media audience are influencers. By targeting this unique, influential audience your brand has the opportunity to cascade its brand message down the mountains and into urban areas.

Effective advertising and the clever use of content (film, video and pictures) can ensure that your brand message is spread across social channels as well as throughout the mountain resorts.


Why Ski Media?

The Alpdest ski media network of more than 45 renowned ski resorts offers an uncluttered advertising landscape which delivers your message to a unique, captive audience.

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