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Product Displays

Product displays offer brands the opportunity to put their products directly in front of the huge, influential audience that our advertising landscape offers. Car displays, pop-up's, test drive centres and more can all be catered for. We have the experience and knowledge to offer solutions to all brands whether it be at the top of the mountain or in the valley stations. 

This format offers an ideal platform for your brand to reach our unique, captive audience. 

If you have an enquiry or would just like further information please get in touch with the experts. We are ski media.



Product displays offer clients a unique opportunity using the mountains as a powerful and emotional backdrop. 

We offer both outdoor and indoor locations in high frequented locations..



Product displays can be located on the mountain, in the valley stations, indoor and outdoor. The flexible, high impact format can be located where you need it to be.


How does it work?

Witten more than a decade experience, Alpdest are your trusted, experienced partner with advertising in ski resorts. The management of the project will be managed by us.


Book your ski media campaign now

Get in touch the team at Alpdest if you would like more information on how your brand can benefit from advertising in this unique, uncluttered environment.

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