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Here you can find other pages including details about our first, Alpdest alpine innovation summit which took place in Laax, you can download brochures, dossiers and research plus you can browse our image gallery.


If you would like to contact the team to discuss your next ski media campaign please call us now.



Exhibitions, workshops, presentations and debate on the future of our industry with attendees from all over Europe


Alpine innovation summit

Unique locations in the Alps

The Alpdest network of the most renowned ski resorts in Europe offers our clients the opportunity to reach more than 28 million, affluent Europeans per season.

The Alps are by far the largest inbound ski market in the world, capturing 43% of the worldwide ski market.

If you would like more information on our network please contact the team.


Our Audience

20% of Europe‘s highest earners are concentrated in ski resorts and open to influence, ski media delivers its message to more than 28 million viewers each season.

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