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Billboards at 3.000m altitude or Pop-up Stores to ski by. The world of brand activations is now soaring to new heights. Brands are increasingly setting their sights on the peaks to advertise their products and messages.

There's something undeniably captivating about the majestic beauty of mountains. Here are 4 reasons why brands are drawn to the alps and it is not surprising why:

Ski Party


In the mountains we have a very special segment of people. The majority of skiers are affluent and have disposable income free to spend. 20% of Europe's highest earners spend their winters in ski resorts and want to create a holiday full of special expierences besides skiing. They are educated, well-traveled and have keen interests in arts, fashion, fincance, sports & well-being. Additional brands profit from a relaxed and calming attidude of the target group which makes them highly receptive to brand messages.

Billboard in the  mountains


Ski resorts offer a unique canvas for brand exposure, creating a distinctive opportunity for brands to stand out and make a lasting impact. The media spaces are very limited, but located strategically to the most frequented intersections of a resort. Our advertisment is highly visible and can't be missed.

Innovative Advertising


Nowhere else do the members of our target audience encounter advertising as consistently as in the mountains. In average the target group spends 6 days

of 5+ hours skiing, which means full 30 hours and more on the mountain spend per trip. In this time they are repeatingly confronted with our advertisment which creates a brand recall of usally around 87,6%.

Advertising in the mountains


One key aspect of these activations is the emotional response they trigger in people.

The emotional response that consumers have to advertising in ski resorts extends beyond the immediate moment.

When they see advertisement that resonate with their ski vacation experience, it becomes a part of their memories. This connection can foster brand loyalty and positive associations long after the trip has ended, leading to potential new clients. They will share it via social media and tell their friends about it.

In conclusion, the value of alpine advertising is undeniable and it is clear to see why brands are drawn to the mountains. From the affluent and receptive audience to the unique visibility and strategic locations, the alps provide the perfect canvas for innovative advertising that can't be ignored.

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