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Ski Schools

​Advertising partnerships with ski schools offer the highest levels of interaction, visibility, repetition and reward with your audience. There are many advertising formats that can deliver your message in the friendly ski school environment.

These products offer an ideal platform for your brand to reach a unique, captive audience. 

If you have an enquiry or would just like further information please get in touch with the experts. We are ski media.



Advertising possibilities range from branded ski school clothing, training bibs, race flags, branded podiums and cobranding opportunities around the kids land area.



Ski schools tend to be at the very heart of each ski resort. The meeting areas, kids land and end of week ski races and offer one of the largest touch points available to our clients. 


How does it work?

With more than a decade experience, Alpdest are your trusted, experienced partner with advertising in ski resorts.

We arrange and deliver the partnership with the ski schools of your choice offering a bespoke partnership which caters to your needs.

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Book your ski media campaign now

Get in touch the team at Alpdest if you would like more information on how your brand can benefit from advertising in this unique, uncluttered environment.

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