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A winter wonderland, snow-covered slopes and memories of the little ones learning to ski. For high-net-worth families, luxury isn't just a preference, it's their way of life and also essential on winter vacations. A European ski holiday is therefore the perfect mix of luxury and excitement for the whole family. How much do these families typically invest in creating their ideal winter retreat in the European Alps?

snowy Mountains

Let's break down the budget into different categories such as accommodation and food, ski passes, ski courses for kids and equipment rentals.


HNW families expect nothing but the best when it comes to accommodations. They choose premium resorts or chalets for an unforgettable winter vacation.


Families who are spending a ski trip have disposable income to their hands and prefer to stay in 5 star hotels or cozy chalets. These options provide spacious rooms, on-site amenities, and the feeling of luxury for young and old. Prices for premium resort packages or 5-star hotel stays can range from €1,000 to €5,000 per night, depending on the location and time of the year, ensuring the highest level of comfort and service.

Chalet experience

The cozy alternative to a hotel for those who desire a more intimate and homey atmoshpere. Chalet rentals vary in size and luxury, with smaller chalets starting from €2,000 per week and larger, more luxurious options reaching well above €15,000 per week.

Luxury winter chalets


Culinary experiences are a vital part of the holiday. Finest Cuisine in gourmet restaurants accompanied with the best wines of the world. A taste for the finer things in life knows no limits. According to Brian Pentek, owner of a Luxury travel agency says the wealth in the Alps is unbelievable and although their is a ton of money in Aspen, it can not be compared to what happens in Europe. He has seen lunch bills up to €200,000.

When it comes to après-ski the super rich know how it's done. They often host exclusive parties featuring A-list DJs or live performance to create the event of the year. These private parties come with jaw-dropping expenses and of course clothes are needed!

From fur-lined boots to custom-made après-ski sets, the fashion on display is as impressive as the surroundings. It's not unusual for après-ski wardrobes to come with price tags exceeding a small car.

Finest cuisine in gourmet restaurants to enjoy in the winter holidays.


To provide their children with a top-notch ski experience, families often opt for exclusive ski courses. These private groups led by expert instructors, can cost between €500 and €1,000 per child for a 5-day program. Also a rising trend in the industry acccording to "The Washington Post" is skiing with Olympians. Adults book private lessons with Olympic skiers which are up to €2,600 per person for a day.

Ski class for kids


Lift passes cost approximately €60 to €90 per day and equipment rentals for each family member may add up to around €100 to €200 per day.

How much are lift passes and equipment rentals?


When the destination is not far away the high-net-worth audience travels in their luxury SUV's. Others opt for flights or private jets to France, Italy, Switzerland or Austria to visit their favorite mountains which is one of the biggest costs (€12,000-€25.000).

Private Jets to travel comfortable to the winter destination.


Besides the regular expenses, wealthy families want to create a winter full of great moments. Therefore they spend thousands of euros on new clothes and special activities to enjoy during their vacations. Some of the families even take a photographer or videographer with them to capture every moment of their trip. Of course a nanny and other staff will join them to make the holiday as comfortable as possible.

 Après-Ski Parties on the mountains

The average investment for the 1% in the Alps of Europe can reach up to €30.000 to €100.000 or even more, there are not really limits to above.

For the ultra rich a winter holiday is more than just a getaway, it's a combination of luxury, comfort and elegance. Every detail is planned to create unforgettable moments and unique memories, reaffirming the belief that true luxury knows no boundaries.

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