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As Mariah Carey or Wham sings through our radios again, the impetus for Christmas is officially set. 24 days to go. 24 Days to get all the Christmas gifts and bring oneself in that cozy Christmas mood. 🎄

Beyond the shimmering lights and the melodies, there’s an undeniable buzz in the air, and it’s not just the aroma of freshly baked cookies. As we humans change a bit on the inside at Christmas time, so does our consumer behavior. But why is that?

Emotional Triggers and Nostalgia

Christmas is the occasion for emotions, triggering nostalgia and sentimental values. Our inner child gets excited and we pause a while to appreciate and reflect on our life and our relationships, because everyone has a special memory to christmas.

Brands capitalize on this sentiment, leveraging storytelling and nostalgia-driven marketing campaigns to touch people's hearts. The power of emotional connection plays a key role in influencing consumer choices and fostering brand loyalty during this season. According to psychologists, people prefer to spend more money and make more purchases when they are in a festive and happy mood. They tend to spend more on things that give them joy. Brands make most of their money around this time, compared to other months in the year combined.

FOMO (Fear of Missing out)

The internet transforms into a playground of flashing deals and tempting offers. Advertisements flood our screens, enticing us with discounts that seem too good to resist. It's a time when FOMO takes center stage, compelling consumers to seize these opportunities for extra savings. With the ease of buying things these days, holiday shopping behavior multiplies tenfold. Even with the current inflation people continue to buy.

The Joy of Gifiting

Christmas time is time for family and friends. We get together with our loved ones and celebrate. Of course don't forget to bring gifts! The season is all about gifitng each other.

But we do not gift only to make the other person happy. Accroding to psychologists we gift to make our selves happy, as it boosts our self-esteem. That's why it is also a trend to buy presents for oneself, it is all about self care. This leads to more selling of gift items during this period of the year.

For brands, the festive season is a critical chapter in their marketing playbook, demanding careful integration into their strategy. Understanding the emotional resonance of nostalgia, the power of connections, and gift-giving is pivotal. Brands that embrace the essence of Christmas not only captivate customers but become part of traditions.

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