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The rise of Artificial Intelligence will change the marketing industry forever, there is no doubt about that. But beside AI, what will change for brands in 2023? We give you a little sneak peek of those 2 days.

Seth Godin (Akimbo), entrepreneur, best-selling author, and speaker is known for his personable approach to marketing and shared his opinion on the role of AI in marketing and how to future-proof our career in an AI-driven world. He emphasized that AI won't replace marketers, but can be a game-changer when implemented effectively. Marketers need to be ahead of the next generation. Further, real brands which are standing for something and giving real value to the people are going to be even worth more, going forward. Have a strong focus on your products, services and your quality to create a brand that matters to the audience and is worth talking about.

Antonis Kocheilas, Global CEO of Oglivy shared his view on the big shift brands are in. The expectations and the role they are playing have never been higher. It is not enough anymore to build just an image. People want to know, how your brand can make a real positve impact on their lifes. This is attributed to the lack of trust. As he said: "We as marketers need to stop thinking about how we are going to sell to consumers, and start thinking about how we will make an impact in people's lives." Also he sees an ultimate collision between individualism and collectivism, means people have the urge and desire to fit in a group or tribe than never before, but on the other hand want to be unique and special. Marketing has the challenge to be something exclusive and personalized that unites people.

Kasim Aslam, CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world's top ranked Google Ads agencies talking about his insider perspective on what is to come with AI. Karim defines AI as Machine Driven Value Judgment. Values Judgment therefore defined as "thinking" which is where he sees the critical part of it. How to interface with those machines?

It is important to understand that humans define what is and what should be, but what happens in between, this process is up to the machines. You don't manage the process in- between anymore, you allow the machine to this for you.

How do we work with AI?

First of all you don't have to be early adapters of Artificial Intelligence, as nobody knows where this journey is going. Don't feel pressured to integrate AI in all your processes, but play around and test it out. Pay attention to your industry, observe your competitors. Also know, there are no tacticts or hacks, because it is not possible to influence how the mechanism operates. So be careful who you listen to. AI is an impressive technology and offers huge potential, but is has also to be treated with caution, as it also comes with risks.

That was a little sneak peek on the opinions of 3 experts out of the industry.

What is your opinion about AI and the future of Advertising? We would love to have a chat with you. Write us a mail or find us on LinkedIn.

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