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More and more top brands across the globe are planning their media budget to advertise in the mountains. Over the years ski media has proven itself highly effective to capture new audiences, boost brand awareness and in communicating messages.

Whether it is a new product innovation or targeting a new audience. According to a study of Spectra in 2020 brands who are advertising in ski resorts are on the top of the mind. Means in numbers 87,6% of the audience remembered the brands the saw while spending the holiday skiing. This is attributed to the high dwell time people are spending in the resorts.

The unique locations are playing a key factor! The mountains are a place of retreat for most of the audience which is why they are in a good mood spending their time with their favourite sport: skiing. Under this condition people are much more receptive for brand messages.

Since the span of attention always gets shorter especially online, brands are using ski media to tell their story without any distractions and interruptions in a clean media landscape.

Out-of-home advertising with ski media is on of the most valuable forms of adverting to reach a wide mass of new potential customers.

Top brands already know that ski media connects people, brands and locations. How about you?

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